When your mental health is taking a strain try these 5 things

Try these 5 things to Relieve Mental Strain

Try these 5 things to Relieve Mental Strain

Life can get very busy and very stressful for any individual. It becomes unfortunate when things get so busy this can somehow change your character. If stress and anxiety is not managed properly eventually you will not feel like doing anything let alone have mindful moments. Lets look at different ways that will help you actually look forward to being present in your own life.

1. Just relax

We often push ourselves and our bodies to a point where our minds and body’s refuse to continue. In some instance it can be so serious that one can reach a burnout. This is one way our body’s are communicating to us to just simply relax.

Allow yourself to enjoy some downtime. Use the downtime to actually reflect and acknowledge all your hard work. We all deserve some rest at some stage.

2. Get some fresh natural air

We live in such a modern world that taking walks can seem so abnormal. Best believe that taking walks can in actual fact reset your mind and mind.

3. Try to understand your triggers

In the moments where you may be going through a range of emotions this may be the perfect time to unpack why do you feel the way you feel.

Have an honest conversation with yourself about your true feelings;

  • Are you sad or lonely?
  • Do you feel disconnected and out of touch with reality?
  • Do you feel anxious or worried about something?

The abovementioned emotions can really be a stumbling block and can heavily occupy your powerhouse which are your thoughts. This can delay you and prevent you from attempting to do anything else.

Get in the habit of writing down your emotions even when they don’t seem to make sense.

4. Play some music

5 Things to do when everything feels like a drag -Mentally

Listening to music can energize and excite you. However, there also other added benefits for your brain as they can help strengthen concentration and improve memory.

5. Look after yourself

As human beings we have have emotional and physical needs that need to be met. When these needs are not met we can become exhausted and lethargic.

It is very important to check in on yourself to see if there are any needs that need to me met.

Ask yourself some questions like:

  • Should I get some rest?
  • Do I need to be alone?
  • Do I miss being around people?
  • What is upsetting me or making me sad?
  • Have I had some water today?

The answers to the above questions will give you a clear indication of which part of yourself needs some self-care and attention. Once you have established those areas please make sure to tend to them

Take some time to understand your emotions, triggers and needs as a person. This will help you come up with solutions or accept that there are things that are just beyond your control in that season of your life.

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