Including Emotional and Intellectual Elements

When you have a cut or a wound, you ATTEND it and apply a bandaid to it so that it can heal faster. That should also apply when you have an emotional injury. You attend to it and use a bandaid to it so you can recover quickly to a happier mood. A self-care box that includes different elements can help you self-soothe in moments of high anxiety.

Draw up a list of your favourite songs and Podcasts

Be very critical of the kinds of songs that you will add to your self-care box. Select songs that empower and energize you. The same goes for the podcasts, including podcasts that remind you of things you care about such as spirituality, art etc.


Add some of your favourite books

Revisiting a cherished book can help you slow down and get in touch with yourself and things you care about. Pick books with positive messages like spiritual texts, positive psychology or self-help books, poetry compilations, and heartwarming classics.Adult colouring books are a great option to focus your mind and bring your stress levels down.

Positive Affirmations

Write some of your favorite inspirational quotes or sayings on cut-up strips of craft paper, sticky notes, or small note cards. These are helpful to look at whenever you’re feeling depressed, unmotivated, sad, or anxious.

To choose your affirmations, think about what might lead you to go to the self-care box. For instance, if you feel anxious most days of the week, you might write: “I am safe, I am loved, and every breath I take fills my soul with light and ease.”

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Print out photos of family and friends to remind yourself of love all around

Print out photos of loved ones and add them to the self-care box either secured in an envelope or in a photo album. Looking at the faces of loved ones can remind you how much you are loved and supported.

For instance, if your grandmother has always been your biggest fan and confidant, you might include a photo of her or of the two of you together.

Add a diary or journal

Self-care Box: Self Introspective and Emotional Elements

Keeping a journal and some pens in your box is a great way to incorporate self-reflection into your self-care routine. Make it a special journal that you only use for self-care (i.e., don’t use it for scheduling or random notes that don’t have to do with self-care).

Consider dedicating a section of the journal for your emotions and reflecting another section for affirmations, and another for gratitude lists.

If drawing or sketching helps you ground yourself, get a blank-page journal without lines and stock up on markers or coloured pencils.

Include Religious or Spiritual items

If your religious or spiritual practice includes small totems or other items, place those into the box. That way, you can have easy access to them whenever you feel the need to pray or meditate.

Meditation has been proven to improve your psychological and physical well being. It’s especially helpful if you struggle with anxiety, depression, or addiction.

Prayer beads, holy books, printed lines of scriptures, crystals, incense, and sage sticks are all great options.

To get a more practical understanding. Watch the video below:

How to make a self-soothe box