Dawn Thandeka King Profile

Dawn Thandeka King is a South African Actress that has South African’s hooked because of her outstanding acting. She is best known for her role as Lindiwe MaNgcobo on the SABC 1 drama show called Uzalo. Thandeka is also a singer, MC, and motivational speaker. She has been nominated for numerous awards and won the Golden award for Best Actress for her Lead Role in Lockdown.

Date of birth: October 1, 1977

Age: 43 years

Place of birth: Eshowe, South Africa

Children: 5

Spouse: Jabulani Msomi (m. 2002–2017)

Occupation: Actress, musician and motivational speaker

Instagram: @dawnthandeka_king

Family Life

Thandeka is such a talented actress and a mother to five beautiful kids (Jadazia, Jaedon, Jayda, Jaydeen, and Jaedon) whom the actress loves dearly. This is very evident on her Instagram profile.


Get To Know Dawn Thandeka King (MaNgcobo on Uzalo)

Get To Know Dawn Thandeka King (MaNgcobo on Uzalo)

Dawn Thandeka King is truly an exception having made her debut into the acting industry later than normal. She had to complete her studies and ten years later made her debut on TV series called Lockdown. At the time Dawn Thandeka King was actually struggling with depression but she managed to deliver effortlessly.

She plays MaNgcobo in Uzalo, the wife to a powerful drug dealer. According to the actress, MaNgcobo is a better character compared to Ma Z (Lockdown) seeing the latter involves a prison lifestyle while the former triggers her family routines.

Things you did not know about Dawn Thnadeka King:

  • She has struggled with depression and overcame it.
  • Thandeka is a qualified Sangoma.
  • Dawn was once a radio actress.
  • She is also a musician.

Dawn Thandeka King has a very inspiring story. She has had her fair share of life’s challenges and knows how patience can be so rewarding. Aspiring actors and actresses can look to her as a role model in order to understand how to handle day-to-day problems in the film industry.

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