Mental Health: Self- Care 3 Basic but effective Tips

There are many things that form a part of an individual’s life and one of them is stress. There is good stress and bad stress. Stress can help motivate a person to work harder or to conquer the last mile in a marathon run. There are also instances when stress interferes with family, friends, and health. We live in a world where social media and current event news are a part of our lives, always updating. It is important to take moments and be mindful of what we can process for our mental health. Below are some valuable tips that encourage self-care.

Healthy Social Media Interaction

Some of the information can become very overwhelming to a point where it may trigger an emotional response. This may be a sign that the information, on your feed drains your energy levels and you may need to stand back and breathe.

The rate of processing emotions is different for everyone. It is important to process your emotions at a healthy rate that is unique for you. There is absolutely no shame in limiting online activity as a way to create boundaries. This can be achieved through an application called Screen Time – Restrain yourself & parent control  ( ) which keeps track of how much time you may be spending on screen.

Another way to create healthy boundaries for yourself on the use of social media is to be selective of which engagements you will entertain, ‘pick your battles’, choose who you will follow and who you will un-follow for your peace of mind. Rather opt for social media accounts that give off positive energy.

Return to your roots there are some mental health secrets

Most people across the world are undergoing a spiritual transformation which is prompting them to ask questions about their traditions and identity. There is an awakening to self. More people are discovering that there are trauma’s that exist in their families. The root of the traumas are often passed down from previous generations. However,  trauma is not the only thing passed down. there are some restorative healing practices that have also been passed down from previous generations.

Some of the documented traditional ways to release stress are social gatherings with loved ones, communing together to share a meal and reflecting on past events. In the process one gets to laugh, cry and create bonds that are inter-generational. These mentioned practices can assist in healing wounds and fostering deeper connections with ourselves and those around us.

Give yourself some time and find out what restorative practices your previous generations used to release tension and stress.

Meditation & Healing Therapy

There needs to be a balance of spiritual and physical energy in our bodies. Things like meditation and yoga can create the balance required. Creative art therapy is also an option whereby creativity and expressive art is used to improve the psychological and social well-being of individuals. Eating nourishing food also plays a critical role in reducing stress and anxiety, it gives people an energy boost.

Rest is good for mental health

Moments of mindfulness will help process the ever-changing information updates. When we choose to let our minds and body rest stress and anxiety will be reduced. The immune system will receive a boost thus impacting overall health.