There are four well know personality types. Which one are you?

When I started this blog the main intention was to help me to become mentally healthy. I then also realized that a lot of other people have similar questions and finding the answers is not always easy. This whole week I have been asking myself which personality type I am because I was approaching an important work deadline. There are four main personality types known as Type A,B,C and D. In this article you will learn more about these personality types. This will help you understand yourself better and those around you. When you understand yourself you become gracious to those around you and be mindful of every moment. Read through this article to find out which one you are.

Type A – The Ambitious One

These people are very ambitious, organized and competitive. They are high achievers. These people are time conscious and always feel the need to use their time wisely. They are always looking for new challenges that will push them out of their comfort zone. Type A personality’s are consistent in their goal setting and proactive in their approach. They also are willing to help others.

There are some negative challenges that Type A personality people face. Some tend to become workaholics. They also stress easily and overthink.  Their trigger is usually circumstances that make them unable to achieve their goals.

Type B – Carefree

The people with this type of personality are very different from the type A personality. They are far more relaxed and grounded. Type B’s are social beings with a lot of calming influence. They do not get easily frustrated. They believe in ‘own race at own pace’ because they do not see most things as a competition.

There are however, some negatives associated with this personality type. In most cases Type B people do not reach their full potential because they can become too easy going. They are also not able to manage their time wisely. This leads to trouble making decisions.

Type C –  Perfectionist

These types of people are perfectionists of note. There are similarities and distinct differences with the Type A personality. The Type C people always want to ensure accuracy in every task. They find fulfillment from doing a good job. The obvious difference from Type A personality is that the Type C’s do not place emphasis on time. They understand that in order to produce quality work it will take some time and accuracy.

People with a Type C personality are usually very reliable and consistent. These people are very happy with rules. They prefer to be placed in jobs where they can follow set rules and procedures. These types of people are ideal in jobs that require process discipline.

Socially they are introverts and prefer to keep to themselves in large social group settings.

People with a type C personality often get caught up in the detail. This can work against them because time is a factor in working environments. Type C’s often miss important deadlines. They can get very overwhelmed and need a time out from interacting with other people. Type C’s always prefer to make decisions based on facts and sufficient details, which usually take up some time.

Type D – Distressed

These people are very sensitive to people emotionally. They have a more realistic outlook on life and are quite the resilient types. They exude a lot of strength and wisdom. In most instances they attract people who are in need of that kind of wisdom.

There are some disadvantages of this personality type. This includes feelings of loneliness, isolation and distress. They are prone to experiencing negative emotions easily as compared to the other personality types. They often suppress their emotions because of the fear of rejection.

You may be wondering about my personality type. As I was typing this article I realized that I find pieces of myself in the different personality types. I do however believe I am combination of type A and C personality’s. I really hope you were able to identify your own personality type and it helps you accept yourself more and live in harmony with those around you.

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