Here’s why you should make and drink smoothies frequently

If you had met me five years ago, I would probably laugh at anyone who would mention ‘healthy’. It was my uninformed opinion that for a person to be ‘healthy’ they need to be petite like myself. I was not exercising nor was I eating a balanced diet. Let alone making and drinking smoothies. I have since discovered the benefits of making and drinking smoothies regularly and how smoothies can actually improve your life.

A lot has changed since then. Trust me. This is why we are here now with The people I come across always ask me about my morning routine. I will share more details about my morning routine in another blog post. A part of my morning routine involves making a smoothie to start my morning.

Smoothie Benefits

The chances of you eating spinach, a cup of yogurt and two carrots all in one seating are very slim. But this can be achievable if you have a blender because you can blend them all at once. This will help you have your daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables.

  • They can help you shed some kilo’s– smoothies will make you feel full for longer periods especially if you add chia seeds.
  • Keeps your body hydrated – When your body loses water in the summer.
  • Helps with digestion– Add green leafy vegetables as it increases your fiber intake.
  • Boosts your immune system– Fruits and vegetables such as carrot, sweet potatoes, spinach have a nutrient called beta-carotene when added in a smoothie this will help with boost your immune system.
  • Better Sleep– Adding bananas, oats and kiwi to your smoothie provides magnesium and calcium. This will then in turn help you sleep better.
  • Healthy skin- Fruits and vegetables like mango and pumpkin are highly beneficial for healthy skin and glowing complexion.
  • Body Detox- Adding garlic and beetroot to your smoothies helps cleanse your blood and rids toxins that accumulate in your body.
  • Gives your brain a boost– Ingredients like coconut which is high on omega-3 help with mental alertness. When added to smoothies with leafy green vegetables it can help your mental alertness.
  • Reduces symptoms of depression– Next time add Broccoli, spinach and bananas in your smoothie as they are rich in folic acid which helps fight depression.

Customize your own smoothies

The awesome thing about smoothies is you can add whichever fruits and vegetables. As you understand your body and what you are trying to achieve in as far as fitness. Then you can begin to customize and add things like seeds, protein powders, whole grains etc.

Smoothies can actually improve your life. Here's how...

Smoothies can actually improve your life. Here’s how…

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