The Marriage Map

Building a successful marriage is a lifelong challenge. Understanding the different stages of marriage and the phases you’ll go through as a couple may help you build a stronger and more fulfilling relationship. In this article, we explore the different stages in marriage by years and numbers according to SS. Wels.

Year Number 1

In the 1st Year, the ring sparkles, you enjoy making public appearances with your partner. You are also still adjusting to the new in-laws and relatives. This first year is also known as the honeymoon phase. At this stage, you are aware of the other person’s faults but they DON’T seem to matter.

Things to remember:

  • Avoid pretending to like things just to appease your partner or inlaws.
  • Know when to say NO.
  • Stop involving other people and their opinions in your marriage
  • Avoid overly compromising to the extent that you let go of your friends and hobbies.

Year Number 2

Number 2 Symbolizes Partnership, Witness and Confirmation, Division

The second-year mark in your marriage will have you asking yourself ‘Why Did I marry this person?’ Why didn’t those who claim to love me stop me?

The awareness that you have married someone who is NOT perfect is now becoming hard to handle. Couples often divorce in their 2nd or 7th year of marriage.

Things to remember:

  • Let go of your need for your partner (or yourself) to be perfect
  • Learn the love language of your partner
  • Become a good listener, invest time and energy into the relationship


3rd Year of Marriage

Number 3 symbolizes the triune nature of God, past, present and future, symbolic of success

The honeymoon phase has now passed. In this stage how you have handled past relationships will matter. By now you are familiar with the weaknesses and strengths of your partner. You both need to put in the work in building a lasting relationship. The trinity nature on number 3, shows how when our uniqueness is embraced we can each contribute and build something bigger in harmony. The responsibilities are now increased, you may start having kids so it is essential that you work as a team.

Stages of Marriage by Years

Stages of Marriage by Years

4th Year of Marriage

Number 4 symbolizes the earth or the number of creation.

In the 4th year, couples usually face challenges with regards to earthly possessions and ‘real world’ responsibilities. Conflicts are at their peak. It is very important to re-invent yourself and develop yourself in a way that will be beneficial to your relationship.

Things to remember:

  • Share responsibilities, especially financial ones
  • Stop having unrealistic ideas of relationships (GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA)
  • Do the budget together

5th Year of Marriage

Number 5 symbolizes grace, love, adventure, death and marriage.

In the 5th year of marriage, you are more than likely to experience life changes. Be patient with each other and learn to forgive.

Things to remember:

  • Remember the decision to stay committed is a DECISION.
  • Stay loyal
  • Learn and affirm your partners love languages. Which according to Gary Chapman are words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time and physical touch.

Be sure to catch more on these stages by year in the next blog post.

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