The motherhood transition- Patience

The newest members in our families always bring new dynamics to a family, new challenges and setbacks. This is how we know every individual is unique as it will never be the same experience. Entering the space of motherhood was not an easy transition. I had to unlearn and learn a lot of things. I naturally became hard on myself. Eventually, I realised that there’s nothing wrong with asking for help and that letting things happen naturally was actually the better option. I also later learned that becoming a mother was something I needed to celebrate and recognise it for myself as a major life event.

To every woman who has stepped into this new territory:

We celebrate you first time mother.
We celebrate you mother, on the delivery of your third child.
We celebrate you and your baby who have just been admitted into ICU will make it.
We celebrate you mother, on your return to work.
We celebrate you mother, on your decision to breastfeed.
We celebrate you mother, on helping your newborn to feed from a bottle.
We celebrate you mother, even though it seemed like there was no chance for another baby.
We celebrate you mother, even though you have received the news that your baby has special needs
To you woman, who has just discovered they are pregnant. WELCOME to love.
Allow yourself to be born again in your own unique way. In this journey we gain experience, wisdom, character and knowledge. It is a journey that doesn’t have a manual to your specific needs so embrace everyday with its newness. Please remember to be kind, gentle, tender, caring and loving to yourself and your baby, toddler, teenager and adult child. Your life experience qualifies you to find your way but remember to be the light for your little ones too.