Mindful parenting tips

 Mindfulness refers to being present in the moment. This also includes your awareness to yourself and your surroundings. When practising mindfulness it is important to view the world from a place of acceptance rather than judgement. Below mindful parenting is explored and some tips are shared.
The state of mindfulness can also help parents be present to their children because, parenting can be quite a challenge at times. The main aim of mindful parenting is to move away from simply reacting to your child’s behaviour. And more importantly responding from a place of being considerate towards your child’s behaviour. The beauty of acceptance is, when as a parent you choose to accept your child, you are actually also learning to accept yourself. When you make an effort to nurture your parent-child relationship this will strengthen your bond.

Qualities of a mindful parent

Parenting Mindfully

  1. A positive attitude that is without judgement when responding.
  2. Choosing to be intentional and making an effort to understand your child’s behaviour.
  3. Paying attention to the present and being proactive.
  4. As a parent it is important to fully listen and be present to the moment. However, this can be a challenge as it requires patience and practice. Being present to the moment also requires the parent to be present to immediate surroundings. So next time pay attention to the sounds, smell and sight.
  5. Accepting your child for who they are without judgement. Every situation and challenge needs to be approached without judgement. It helps to remember that everybody is unique, so let go of unrealistic expectations of your child. The aim is to accept your child without judgement.
  6. Your interactions with your child will always a level of emotion infused. It is important to be aware of the emotions. This awareness will help you respond better to situations because you are able to analyse your responses before you make them. This emotional awareness is something that your child will learn from you too.
  7. Avoid overreacting at all costs. Rather, as a parent teach yourself to self-regulate and by this I mean, learn that not every situation should trigger and immediate reaction.
  8. The are bound to be conflicting views between yourself and your child especially concerning their behaviour. The concept of mindful parenting emphasises being compassionate towards your child as a first reaction. This compassion also becomes a gift to the parents as it teaches them to not be quick to blame themselves when things do not pan out as per their hopes.

The benefits of this parenting style

  • Communication in the household improves
  • It can help with the reduction of an over hyperactive child
  • It reduces aggression in both parent and child
  • It reduces anxiety and stress in both parent and child
  • It encourages parents to be more involved and present in their child’s life