There are 4 ways to overcome and deal with toxicity in our lives

Life, to a certain extent is about building relationships. This also means we meet all types of people. In my personal experience I have also come to the realization that boundaries are important. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in setting the tone in any form of relationship. We cannot however, sit here and throw stones when we live in glass houses. To some degree we are also toxic to those who experience us deeply and we may not even be aware. As you read this post. Please read the below 4 ways to overcome and deal with toxicity in our lives with an open mind, this will help you be a better person and actually equip you to work around the toxic people around you including yourself.

Here are some ways to listen actively.

  1. Be mindful of every moment, be present and give your undivided attention.
  2.  You can ask for clarity in the conversation. But try and not interrupt someone when they speak.
  3.  Learn to listen attentively and be slow to respond.
  4.  Be appropriate when you ask questions in the conversation.
  5. Keep eye contact and show that you are paying attention
  6. Most importantly, be Intentional about all your interactions go into the world with a positive outlook.

Sometimes choosing to be calm in situations where you should be screaming can be a gift. So often as people we want to hold people accountable for our emotional needs. Below are some steps to take back your power back.

  1. Be conscious of your thoughts. As yourself questions about your feelings.
  2.  Don’t be too quick to assume. Rather be curious and ask questions. You could be surprised at reasons that people react the way they do. Choose kindness.
  3. Give yourself a break. You are allowed to say I would like to think about it. This will reduce the emotional responses. It will help you to be rational.
  4. Take a moment and think about your reaction how will it help you move forward and become a better person.

As people we are sometimes overly conscious about our image. When this is the case you may become unreliable, defensive, argumentative and unable to listen. Putting our ego’s aside can nullify the toxic behaviour.

We all have to admit that it really feels good when we are around people who celebrate us. Next time be the person who celebrates other people.

Whether we like it or not, gossip is actually expressing toxicity. If you also happen to be someone who is a rumor mill lol. Ask yourself what kind of satisfaction you receive from spreading rumors. There’s a lot at stake if you think about it, things like other peoples reputation.

People who make us feel good are truly heaven sent. Why not be the one who encourages, forgives and celebrates others first. Practicing the abovementioned 4 ways to deal with toxic personalities will drive out toxicity in your personality.


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