Fertility Issues: There’s no shame. There is food…

In a lot of countries across the world fertility is regarded very highly. If it so happens that you are infertile there’s an immediate stamp of shame on you placed by society. What is more unfortunate is that women are the ones who carry the stigma more than men.

The belief is if you are unable to carry a child you are less of a woman. After so many centuries one would think by now that the stigma would not mean much in this day and age. However, this is not the case. What is even more sad is that women and men are unable to discuss the challenges they face that could be easily resolved if detected early.

If you, like me, prefer to stick to a natural way of life. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are a number of ways to increase fertility. The food we eat and lifestyle’s we maintain can actually ease the process.

Here are 8 foods below that can help you boost fertility in both men and women.

1. Beans and Lentils
If anyone happens to look for a source of high fiber , their best bet is to eat beans and lentils. These foods also happen to contain high protein which is critical when trying to improve ovulation. Women who are trying to conceive should opt for plant based sources for protein rather than the animal products. This will help women to be able to track their monthly cycle better. Edible legumes are great for folic acid which helps in the conception and the development of a healthy embryo.

2. Greek Yogurts and Cheeses
Fatty foods that are healthy are recommended when trying to boost fertility. Cheese and Greek yogurt contain healthy fat. In order to improve ovulation and the immune system, calcium, probiotics and vitamin C are required. These can be found in Greek yogurt and cheese. The protein found in each food will also help in improving the precision of ovulation cycles which makes it easier to fall pregnant.

3. Sunflower Seeds
Men’s reproductive health is also something to pay special attention too. In order to have the appropriate sperm levels it is recommended that men eat sunflower seeds. By adding sunflower seeds to a man’s diet will significantly increase sperm count and motility. Sunflower seeds contain a large amount of zinc and folic acid which are very critical for conception.

4. Avocados
Avocados have very high calories but at the same time have very high doses of vitamin K and potassium. Processing nutrients and food supplements in the can be assisted by Vitamin K. Whilst Potassium helps in blood pressure regulation. Avocados have natural fat that is healthy. It is also composed of fiber and folic acid which are critical in the early stages of conception.

5. Berries
Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries should form part of your daily intake. This applies to both men and women. These fruits amongst others will be very beneficial for those struggling with fertility and those who are trying to fall pregnant. Additionally, once the woman has conceived she needs to continue with these berries to ensure healthy fetal growth. The high content of vitamin C and folic acid are what is required to help the little one grow.

6. Asparagus
Research has proved that one cup of boiled asparagus provides over 50% of daily folic acid that is required. Asparagus also helps to strengthen reproductive health as it also contains Vitamin A, B, and C. Men particularly should consume this vegetable as it contains Zinc and Selenium which is beneficial for semen health.

7. Salmon
Salmon has a substantial amount of healthy fats, protein and omega-3 which is very good throughout a pregnancy. Men can also benefit from salmon as it contains very high levels of vitamin D which is very good in raising healthy semen levels. For women it is advisable to consume once or twice per week to reduce exposure to the mercury contained in salmon.

8. Walnuts
Walnut’s are known to be packed with Omega 3 and Omega 6 which is highly recommended for maximum brain activity. Walnuts also help regulate hormones in women. Research has also indicated that if men eat walnuts on a regular basis their semen health will improve.

Something to be mindful of is that stress may already be forming part of your menu as you try to conceive. Try as much as possible not to entertain stress because it confuses your body and hormones which will become counterproductive and reduce the chances of falling pregnant even further.

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