Discover how cooking can help you deal with mental health matters

After having a long day, you get home and take out some time out to cook dinner. The chopping sound of cutting vegetables has that soothing feeling to the mind. Therapeutic cooking is a remedy that many people are not aware of. Many clinics advise people suffering from many mental and behavioral issues stem from eating disorders. Mental health issues such as anxiety, ADHD as well as depression can be managed by cooking or culinary therapy as a form of stress reliever. Nutrition links cooking, your mental and physical health. Choosing a high nutrition diet keeps your brain healthy and body fit.

Cooking combines various activities such as art, technique and knowledge. We eat the landscape that surrounds us and we prepare it based on the acquired knowledge and traditions. However, the most effective way of cooking is oriented towards finding pleasure in it, when you do it with love others will automatically enjoy it.

There are 5 different aspect in Cooking

We cook whatever there is to cook, however, you can cook it in order to fulfill nutritional needs. When food is prepared without being in a rush and with the aim of communicating affection and making a moment special for our loved ones. It helps with becoming mindful of every moment.

Sensory Awareness 

All senses are involved when cooking. They remain active throughout the process. Touching, hearing, sight, smell and taste are all active in this process.

Creativity in cooking

Cooking helps in encouraging creativity. It has added benefits for people to feel happy, as cooking gives them the opportunity to make others happy and nurture them. This ensures that there is some boost in self-love and confidence. For example two people can replicate the same recipe and the taste will be different. It is also one of those tasks that allows infinite variations, hence, cooking is pure creativity.

Relaxing and entertaining

When implementing some positive attitude. Cooking just becomes a relaxing and fun activity to do on a daily. You can prepare everything calmly and keep an open mind. We do not have to be experts to get into it. Basic planning and good attitude produces entertainment and enough relaxation. Trying new ways of cooking is always fun, therefore, try it.

Problem solving and decision making

Cooking is unpredictable. You are allowed to make mistakes and burn the food due to distractions. All those small problems need solutions. Analyzing situations and thinking about what needs to be done, therefore, cooking can boost your decision making capacity.

Patience and concentration

Patience is key when cooking, because cooking times do not depend on you. We do a lot of tasks while cooking, however, your concentration is tested. This demands you to focus your attention on what you are doing and only on that.

Lastly we don’t have to be experts to get into it. It is an activity that one can try out at home at any given time. The mental health benefits are undeniable. You should definitely try cooking something new today! Do it with love and regard it as a gift to yourself and to those around you.

Cooking for mental health

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