Practical ways of parenting mindfully

There is nothing that beats being in the moment in the journey of parenting. This may be a challenge for parents who may also be battling their anxieties. Societal pressures can easily force parents to be anxious about the future. It is important though to be present in the moment for yourself and your child. Practising acceptance will help you in this regard because that will help you look at your child’s behaviour from a place of love and not contempt. Below are some critical techniques that can be applied to make the journey of parenting easier.


Take a moment and simply breathe. Through the madness and messiness that comes with your role as a parent. Teach yourself to focus on your breath especially when there a lot of emotions that you would like to express. Teach this practice to your child as well this will also help them handle their emotions better.


Build-in meditation in your daily night routine for the family regardless of how young or old the children. There are plenty of Youtube videos like the one below of guided meditation which will help with mindfulness.


The fact of the matter is there no one who understands your family dynamics better than you. The above mentioned may help your family to be more grounded and emotionally healthy. There are definitely more ways that could work in your favour to help with mindfulness just look deeper within and around you.
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