8 Tips on how teachers can practice self-care

Teachers are an important pillar in our society. Their ability to nurture children and give them purpose is truly commendable. Every person at some stage has passed through the hands of a teacher. They set up our children for success as citizens by inspiring and driving them to do their best, in order to succeed in life. You would be surprised that a significant number of teachers do not really practice self-care. This article intends to give top tips on how teachers can truly take care of themselves holistically.

1. Make Time

Book an appointment for yourself on your own calendar. Set some time aside to do something that really gives you joy or peace of mind. Go for activities that will contribute in a positive way. For example, read a motivational book. Take yourself for ice cream without your kids and grandkids. Schedule a spa date with a friend.

2. Study your body clock

Give yourself some time to just analyze yourself and during what time of the day are you productive. Once you have your answer, then try to do as much as possible during your body’s peak. This way, things like chores, work planning etc. will not feel like an inconvenience. Also, allow yourself to take some breaks in between activities especially when you feel like your energy levels are dropping.

3. It’s really Ok to say NO

When you take up a role such as teaching. The perception is you are some sort of a superhero who knows everything. There are some instances that may be true. It is important to know your limits though. Avoid over-committing yourself because chances are you will under deliver. We know it is a reality that in the working environment especially you can’t just decline everything. A suggestion is to choose your battles. There are some requests that when accepted, actually take away time for YOU and your family. Choose to use your time wisely to fill your cup.

4. Analyze your to-do-list

To-do Lists are really an awesome way to make sure that you do what you need to do. It is, however, very easy to also to fall off track by adding unnecessary activities to your to-do list. If you happen to be a passionate teacher and have these amazing projects that you want your students to complete. It may not be practical for all of them because there just isn’t enough time to complete them.

5. Rest

Get enough nights sleep, 8 hours is recommended so that your body regroups to be ready for the next day. If you find difficulty falling asleep, try some meditation, lavender essential oils or drink chamomile tea.

6. Do not take work home

As mentioned in the above paragraphs understand your body better so you can be more productive. Please refrain from taking work home both physically and mentally. It is important to keep separate the two aspects. Be mindful of every moment.

7. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Start taking walks and see how it helps you become mentally healthy. This also keeps your physical body active. With time you can build in daily exercises and eventually a healthier diet. You can try this app to measure your progress (FitOn – Free Fitness Workouts & Personalized Plans).

8. Happy Teacher = Happy Students

Please always remember that you deserve happiness. Therefore, self-care is not selfish. When you take care of yourself you become a more positive individual. A positive attitude will impact and influence those around you including your students.

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