Be grateful you’re opening room for more

The world we live in can be so fast paced. The ease that technology has brought has shifted our attention from the moment. We are unable to be truly grateful. As people we are constantly wanting more and we eventually become unsatisfied with our own lives and the blessings that have been granted to us.

It is important to be intentional about gratitude. This can be expressed in the smallest ways such as appreciating the things and people that have helped us overcome tough situations. It can even be as basic as identifying five things to be grateful for in every day. When we show appreciation we attract more things to be grateful for. 



There’s always some light even in the toughest times. It can be beneficial for us, if we choose to focus on symbols of hope and happiness. Take note of the things we have rather than what we do not have. Falling into the vicious cycle of victimhood can be easier than an abundance mindset. It takes effort to be intentional about showing gratitude and giving thanks to those who extend their helping hand.

There is always help

There are always people placed in your life for specific reasons and seasons. Take some time to reflect on the people in your life that have helped you in more ways than one. Take a moment to think about how you said ‘thank you’ did you remember to? Take some time and show gratitude by simply saying thank you, give them a gift or write them a letter. It is amazing how expressing gratitude can lift your mood and brighten up another persons day too.

You also deserve grace

We often underestimate the need to show ourselves kindness. High performing individuals can be very hard on themselves and overly critical about their responses to life situations. It is important to remember to also show yourself grace. That means forgiving yourself for past mistakes and situations that seemed beyond your control. Showing yourself grace will also help you notice the good and appreciate  what life brings to us.


The power of gratitude





Adopt an attitude of gratitude. When we are intentional we open room for more blessings to enter our lives. Get into the practice of listing all that you are grateful for. Perform random acts of kindness to those you know and those you do not know. Be purposeful in giving attention to things that bring joy to you. This will help you identify hope even in the difficult situations and ultimately make you happy with what you already have.

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