Life can get really overwhelming at times. As it is we are living through a pandemic. Our mental health has taken a huge knock because humans are social beings by nature. There are moments where one can be so overcome with sadness of hearing about people passing away. Below are some simple but impactful activities that will help you remain grounded. These activities will also help you realize the gift of time.


  1. Kick start a project at home.
  2. Take a walk to your garden it may need some attention.
  3.  Take off your shoes and join the kids they will appreciate your time.
  4. Get adventurous in the kitchen and try baking a cake or chocolate chip cookies.
  5. Try cooking a new recipe.
  6. Write down some goals for your business and the bigger vision for the future.
  7. Read a good book.
  8. Go for a walk. Try a 15 minute exercise routine. Meditate or search for yoga classes online.
  9. Unpack your wardrobe and repack it.
  10. Give journaling a shot to pour out all anxious thoughts.
  11. Revisit your play list and catch up some of your favorite music.
  12. Browse through for some good movies on Netflix and Showmax.
  13. List all the things you are grateful for, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

Anxious thoughts can become so overwhelming that they can cause panic attacks. in order to avoid such instances practice diaphragmatic breathing. Check the link below to see a practical example. Remember everything takes practice and patience.

When we switch off at times it works to our benefit because it allows to focus on the true treasure of life. Your family quality time will never be matched and the quality time with yourself are treasures money cannot buy. Remember to be mindful and present when performing all the recommended activities.