5 Ways to develop a mindset that helps you find the positive in all things

1. Take on the challenge and read

There are millions of books out there in the world. If you could look deeper you could find a book that will speak directly to your situation and encourage you. Take some time and read a motivational book and see how much of a positive impact it will make on you. Reading can help to lift your spirit and actually make you feel better.

2. Guard your language

The words we speak are a result of what is happening in our current state of mind. The words we speak also have the power to influence how we think. At times we are not even aware of the words we speak which may be very negative and as a result direct our minds towards negativity. This is why it is important to guard our language. Positive statements will direct our minds to a more positive mind.

3. Surround yourself with positivity

Our social circle usually comprise of both negative and positive people. If you take a closer look at the people around, you will realize there are people who will make you feel good and those who make you feel bad and doubt yourself. The saying ‘you are the company you keep’ has some truth in it because we slowly become like the people we hang out with. Assess the people in your circle and how the influence you.

If you feel like they give off a negative vibe, there’s nothing wrong with actually cutting them off. Spend time with people who always have a positive outlook on life. This will ultimately have a positive influence on you and you will follow suit.

4. It is OK to feel

As human beings we are highly emotional. There are a lot of emotions that demand to be felt. When this happens do not block them out. FEEL. The only thing to guard against is that an overload of negative emotions will have a huge impact to your mindset. When you feel overwhelmed by negative emotions find ways to channel them and release them by doing exercising, swimming, journaling etc.

5. Self- Love and Reward

When you love someone or care deeply you are likely to invest in creating happy memories that will make them feel good. Now take this statement and direct it to yourself. If we show ourselves love we are more likely to invest in things that make us happy. When we are happy chances are we are thinking positive thoughts. Rewarding ourselves also has an impact on developing a positive a mindset. Take yourself on a breakfast date or purchase a motivational book as a form of reward and showing yourself some love and watch how this will greatly impact your mind set

Telling yourself to think positively has a larger impact than people telling you to think positively. Developing a positive mindset is a personal journey that only you can do as a gift to yourself.

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