Learn 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Negativity

As people, we sometimes easily give away our power by entertaining toxic people. When we spend hours complaining about people we do not like. We hand over our power to those people to take over our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. This article aims to provide practical ways you can use to protect yourself from negativity and, eventually not let negative energy and vibes affect you.

Below are 5 practical ways you can use to take back your power and rid of negative energy in your life

1. Protect Your Time

How to Not let Negative Energy Affect You

How to Not let Negative Energy Affect You

Think about it this way. It’s very possible to spend two hours or days on end dreading a 30-minute meeting with a toxic person. Thereafter you will spend two hours venting to your friend about that meeting. If you are to calculate all that time you have given that toxic person you will realize that it is time wasted.

Next time:-

  • Be intentional in your conversations and discuss positive topics and avoid speaking about negative people.
  • On your way home listen to music that helps your mind focus on positive things.

Be intentional about taking your time and power back from people who do not deserve it. Focusing on negativity removes you from being mindful of every moment.

2. Realign Your Focus

In most instances when we are faced with the challenge of negative people and situations, we tend to spend a lot of time worrying and dreading almost everything. Taking back your power includes being intentional about the amount of energy you spend on negative people and negative situations.

3. Choose Your Battles

When we spend too much time with people who always have a negative outlook on life. Those people have the ability to change your attitude and reduce motivation. It is important to remember that we are in control of our own choices and we must never give negative people too much power and influence to dictate our emotions.

4. Be in pursuit of Positivity in every aspect

Do not underestimate the power of influence in your life. The same way that negative people are able to influence you. Choosing to stick around positive people will leave you pleasantly surprised because positivity is highly contagious.

Give yourself some time to analyze the people in your life. Identify the positive people and schedule time to spend with them. Become consistent with scheduling time with them in order to enjoy some positivity.

Watch the below video about Positive affirmations:

5. Choose to Be Rational

Negative people when given enough attention. They begin to exercise their power over us, up to a point where they can get a reaction from us that is out of character. Expressions like ‘So and so gets to me’ is you surrendering that ‘So and so’ controls you. When this occurs acknowledge the emotions but also choose your reaction and what you will entertain. In the end, negative people only want company because they are miserable within themselves.

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