The Benefits Of Cold Showers

Hydrotherapy is a practice that has existed for a lot of centuries. This is a type of therapy where water at different temperatures is used. This is to address internal and external health ailments. Our body’s have the natural ability to adapt to extreme conditions. So hydrotherapy takes advantage of this natural ability. One cold shower may not sound like an extreme condition. However, taking more than one shower could have some positive effects on ones body. Below are some amazing benefits of cold showers: 

At first glance the thought of a cold shower may make you cringe just like it did with me. But, if like me you are someone who always wants to challenge their mind in order to be mentally healthy. I realized that if I break it down for myself it can be manageable. So rather gradually lower the temperature of your shower or bath. The goal is to get the water to be completely cold and it feels uncomfortable for about 3 minutes in the beginning. You will be resilient as time goes on. Remember to take deep breaths as that will be comforting and calm your mind.

1) Improves Metabolism

Hydrotherapy- The secret behind cold showers

Did you know that there are two kinds of fat. There is white fat and brown fat. Medical conditions such as obesity and heart conditions are associated with white fat. The brown fat in the human body is regarded as healthy. When exposed to cold temperatures the brown fat is activated further.

Burning fat and losing weight is a process that needs to be supported with a change in lifestyle. Taking up the habit of cold showers two-three times in a week can also assist in increasing metabolism. This will help burn the white fat and fight medical conditions like obesity with time. Your hormone levels will also be evened out and gut health will receive the attention it requires. When your metabolism is increased it also gives your immune system a boost.

2) Reduced Stress Levels

There is a science behind cold showers is quite interesting because it has been found that cold water sends electrical impulses to your brain. By so doing it increases your alertness, the mind is clear and it gives you an energy boost. The cold shower also helps release the feel-good hormone known as endorphins. This helps to battle stress and anxiety.

When cold showers are taken consistently it puts your body through a minimal amount of stress. This somehow teaches your body to deal with that micro stress and eventually deal with stress overall. The release of endorphins helps to calm your mind especially in very difficult situations. When stress is managed, you will feel more positive and have a positive outlook on life.

3) Immune System Boost

Our bodies have been designed to develop resistance. The white blood cells also known as leukocytes are produced to fight infections. When the body goes into shock it drops the bloodstream temperature which triggers the production of more leukocytes. The habit of cold showers or baths can help the human body to be more resistant to flu and other common colds.

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