One of the most exciting moments in a woman’s life is holding your baby for the first time. I mean you have been patient for a whole nine months. It is unfortunate that C-sections still carry a stigma. Some women get discriminated against just because it is not regarded as a ‘natural birth’. However, it is very unfair to assume that it is the easy way out. For some women a C-section has to be performed in order to save the life of the mother and baby.

This is of course a major surgery and requires recovery time. Below are some recommendations that will help new mothers who have undergone C-section to recover and still bond with their new born baby’s.

1. Take extra care of your body

Avoid strenuous movements such as walking up and down the stairs. Try to have everything you require close by for and your baby. At the hospital you will constantly reminded to not lift anything heavier than your baby. Please listen to them.

Patience in recovery will take  you a long way. Remember it could take up to two months to get back to normal routine. Again do not be shy to ask your doctor about when you can exercise again, drive, and get intimate with your partner.

I wish someone had warned me about the emotions that come with becoming a new mother. There is a range of emotions that will demand to be felt. From sadness, exhaustion, disappointment etc. Do not suppress your emotions. Cry if you have to and express yourself even to your partner or your friend. They should subside with time, if they do not, please seek professional help.

2. You will need as much rest as possible

Major surgeries require extra care and extra days in hospital. So if you’re a new mom expect to stay longer (four days at most) in hospital. When your baby has been delivered your body will need up to six weeks to heal.

When you are home and there is help available do not be shy to ask. Your body needs to rest so where possible lie down and just allow your body to rest throughout the day.