Learn more about your happy hormones and how to release them

Our bodies release chemicals that are known as hormones through different glands. They serve as neurotransmitters to regulate some processes in our bodies. They play a critical role in regulating our moods.

Let us get deeper in understanding the different types of happy hormones and how to release and make the most of these mood boosters.


This neurotransmitter helps with regulating your appetite, sleep, digestion, your mood, your memory and lastly your ability to learn.

Make the most of this mood booster by:

  • Taking a walk/hike in nature
  • Take sometime and absorb some sunshine
  • Do some aerobics
  • Treat yourself to a spa for a massage


This is our body’s natural response to relieving pain, which may be a result of stress and discomfort. You can increase Endorphins by doing reward producing activities such as exercises, or as basic as eating.

Make the most of this mood booster by:

  • Enjoy a good laugh with friends
  • Show some kindness to a stranger
  • Visit a gym or take on an exercise challenge with a group of individuals
  • Enjoy some dark chocolate


Commonly known as the ‘love hormone’. It is highly essential for parent-child bond, the deeper connection in breastfeeding, and child birth. Additionally, this hormone thrives in physical touch and affection. It is also the key to the expression of empathy, creating strong bonds in relationships.

Make the most of this mood booster by:

  • Connect with a pet or water a plant
  • Cuddle with your partner or give a friend a warm hug
  • Cook a new or favorite meal and share with loved ones
  • Practice active listening


It is commonly known as the ‘feel-good’ hormone. Dopamine  forms a very important part of our brain’s reward system. Furthermore, this hormone is also associated with memory, concentration, learning and motor system function.

Make the most of this mood booster by:

  • Completing a task
  • Listen to some feel good music
  • Master the art of meditation
  • Celebrate small wins

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