Here are 6 fitness trends to be aware of in 2021

The year 2020 has taught a lot of us about the importance of taking care of our health holistically. If we are to reflect on the year 2020. We will realize that there has been a lot changes in our society. The way we exercise has also changed significantly. As the different countries around the world were on lockdown this limited access to gyms. A lot of people found themselves having to improvise in their homes. The way we exercise has transformed drastically. Experts who have studied this landscape have predicted trends to lookout for in the year 2021 in as far as exercising is concerned. Below are 6 trends:

1. Exercising at Home

Predicted Fitness trends for 2021

Predicted Fitness trends for 2021

People around the the world do not know when will this pandemic come to end. Restrictions about access to gym remain in place. This however, gives an indication that consumers will invest in exercising at home that includes purchasing equipment that they can use at home.

2. Apps that encourage gym equipment

In as much as more people will be exercising at home. Some people do not have enough space to fit gym equipment. People will lean towards apps that do not require too much money to exercise at home.

More people will utilize Youtube and apps such as Pumatrac ( and Fiton ( which require minimal equipment  and use your body weight for resistance.

3. Video games that encourage activity

The video game industry has also made efforts of incorporating fitness into their games. Some of the games will now require body movement when performing certain functions and controls. This of course will be fused with the online community where you can invite friends, family and fellow gamers online to play while you have a fun workout.

4. Wearable Fitness trackers

Predicted Fitness trends for 2021

Predicted Fitness trends for 2021

There is an increase in the number of people who are purchasing wearable fitness trackers. These devices detail information about sleep patterns, health, heart rate, recovery, distance walked and there are other personalized settings that can be programmed.

5. Virtual Training

With the new reality of people finding themselves bound at home. There are various platforms that have been created for athletes to compete and train online.

The restrictions regarding keeping a social distance that are extending into 2021. There are various ways for athletes to stay fit. These options include at home cycling and online workouts.

6. Holistic fitness

Predicted Fitness trends for 2021

Predicted Fitness trends for 2021

More people are beginning to understand the importance of holistic health. Which involves physical exercise, nutrition, mental health, sleep, mindful moments and rest. Increasing people are more aware and finding ways to ensure that their health is taken care of holistically.

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