How to tell if your child is a Bully?

Bullying is a very sensitive topic for adults and children. In most instances, parents are constantly checking if their children are not being bullied. But what if we explore a different avenue and checked if your child is the bully? How would you process this discovery? Would you admit and do something about it? This article will help you answer. Here are 8 Signs – How to tell if your child is a Bully?

1. Your child picks on other children

Observe your child’s behaviour towards other children. Are they often making fun of other kids? Do they recruit other kids to do the same? Does your child often give other kids names that label them?

If your child displays some of the abovementioned behaviours on a frequent basis this could be a sign that your child is a bully.

2. You are always called at school because of bad behaviour

Could Your Child BE the Bully? Here are 8 Signs

Could Your Child BE the Bully? Here are 8 Signs

This could be a quick sign to identify because children who are bullies simply cannot follow rules. If you feel anxious as a parent when you must collect your child at school because you might interact with the teacher about your child’s behaviour, then I am sorry but your child could be a bully.

3. Your child’s friends are bullies

Could Your Child BE the Bully? Here are 8 Signs

Could Your Child BE the Bully? Here are 8 Signs

Assess your child’s friends. Do you think they are nice kids? Do they get along well? Are they well mannered? If you see that your child’s friends are bullies then chances are your child is also a bully.

4. Is your child inclusive or exclusive?

In most instances, bullies are unable to deal with differences. This often occurs when the foundation at home has not been laid about accepting differences when this is the case your child will exclude others because of their nationality, race, physical appearance, and abilities.

As parents remember to exemplify the correct behaviours, if you exclude other people your child will learn and practice that too.

5. Your child becomes distant

Children are quite smart. They know that certain behaviours will never be acceptable in their homes. When they do not want you to see that they are doing something wrong they will withdraw and hideaway. When you observe such behaviour, make sure that you find out what is going on.

6. Show little sympathy

All human beings have emotions and feelings. Children also understand feelings but children who are bullies will go out of their way to see other kids suffer. So often they cause pain for others in order to numb their own emotional distress.

7. Often aggressive towards parents, teachers and other adults

Bullies promote aggression and violence. You may find your child fighting with everyone around them including yourself as the parent. They refuse to be held accountable and have over-exaggerated tempers.

The aggression is not only expressed physically. Observe the language that they use. If you notice that they use a disrespectful tone and language then your child might be a bully. Be very clear about language that is acceptable and unacceptable.

8. Your child is obsessed with popularity

Could Your Child BE the Bully? Here are 8 Signs

Could Your Child BE the Bully? Here are 8 Signs

The development of your child will happen in phases. There will be a time where they are insecure about their looks and to remove the attention from themselves. They will pick on another child who seems weaker just so they feel like they are in control or popular.

There are some children who are obsessed with ‘fitting in’ and are willing to do whatever it takes. In order for them to attain popularity, they may resort to bullying other children.

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