Navigate through your marriage (Contd)

As promised from the previous Stages of Marriage by Years (Year 1 to Year 5) we now continue with the next 5 years. Outlining things to be aware of but most important things to remember that will build a strong marriage. Indulge yourself in the below article and learn more about the stages of marriage by years (Year 6 РYear 10).

Year 6 of Marriage

Significance of Number 6: Flesh/human, Number of man

Re-affirm each other. Find aspects of your partner’s character or body features that you admire and tell them about those. Avoid investing time outside of the relationship. Don’t ignore marriage problems while raising children.

Things to remember:

  • Don’t stop talking or sharing intimate moments
  • Chose to serve one another as opposed to being selfish
  • Remember the 80/20 relationship theory. It states that you get about 80% of your wants and needs from a healthy relationship, while the remaining 20% you need to provide for yourself.

Year 7 of Marriage

Significance of number 7: Perfection, rest, Synchronicity

This is a very sensitive year because studies show that most couples divorce as they feel dissatisfied in the marriage. Choose rest instead of rushing to divorce when faced with misunderstandings.

Things to remember:

  • Go for counselling
  • Rekindle the love
  • Start dating each other again

Year 8 of Marriage

Significance of number 8: Abundance, New beginnings, prosperity

This is a recovery stage of your marriage. Revisit your vows. Remember that marriage is a commitment for a lifetime. Invest energy in making your marriage work, just as you would with the relationship with your siblings, friends and parents.

Things to remember:

  • Don’t try to do this on your own – reach out to psychological and relationship coaches
  • Go on regular date nights

Year 9 of Marriage

Significance of Number 9: Wisdom, Self-discovery, 9 Fruits of the spirit, Finality and faith

By now you have survived some great storms together. Be it financial, temptation for cheating, Job loss, death in extended families, kids are growing.

Things to remember:

  • It takes two people to make a marriage work
  • As a couple start focusing on each other instead of the kids
  • Do not neglect each other’s emotional needs
  • Remember the benefits of security, friendship and commitment

Year 10 of Marriage

Stages of Marriage by Years ( Year 6 to Year 10)

Stages of Marriage by Years ( Year 6 to Year 10)

Significance of number 10: Completion of divine order, responsibility

At this stage, it is common to feel like you want something different. The secret is to accept reality. Accept the predictable routine. Choose to celebrate your union and how much you know each other.

Things to remember:

  • Travel to new places and find activities that help others and do them together
  • Remind yourself why you are grateful for your partner
  • Start dating all over again
  • Reignite the spark in your marriage

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