Get yourself Organized:

The past year which brought about Covid 19 forced us to adopt healthier lifestyles. This includes eating the right diet, finding ways to reduce stress, and making time to spend with loved ones. This should be our ultimate new normal, exercising and focusing on improving immunity. This will also help with shifting the focus of panicking about Covid19 and its effects.

Identify a hobby:

Give yourself some time and I identify a hobby that will help you stay healthy and happy. Consider gardening, dancing, cooking, painting, reading, playing a sport, playing an instrument. Doing one or more of the listed will release some happy hormones such as serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine.

 Select your crowd:

We have all heard of the saying ‘no man is an island. Human beings need to socially interact in order to maintain mental well-being. Become part of a community that you can identify with, where there is space for you to share thoughts, problems or even learn from others. If you form part of such a community this will help maintain a healthier mental state.

Get in touch with nature:

The past year has been spent indoors in front of smartphones, computers and other gadgets. Wherever possible in line with Covid19 protocols take a walk in a nearby garden, go for a hike and limit screen time. This will ensure a healthier state of mind.