Explore Your Creativity

Research conducted shows that artistic self-expression can help individuals of any age deal with trauma, managing emotions and promotes well-being. Think about it practically, children enjoy arts and crafts and this is part of their development. In order to reconnect with your inner child try arts, crafts, dancing and singing this will come with some amazing health benefits.

You can also try:

  • Adult Colouring books
  • DIY Projects for decorating your workspace and home

Spend time with the little ones

The intention is to tap into your inner child. One of the ways to do this is to spend more time with children be it your own or your relatives’ children. This could be running around, telling jokes, play games this will help into your inner playfulness and youthful expression. You could also use this opportunity to help the young children learn and grow from you too.

Be a student of Life

As adults, we often focus on how to solve problems and getting things done. Children on the other hand are true explorers they are inquisitive and always question what is going on in their world. Here lies another way to reconnect with your inner child, let go of the need to fix and be in the control all the time. Keep an open mind and see the learning opportunities around you each day.


Do not be afraid to express yourself


As we may already know children can be brutally honest. They also freely express themselves by dancing, laughing and playing. As you grow older, societal norms tend to influence your behaviours. You may become shy or afraid to express yourself. You may speak out less, perhaps out of fear of rejection. 

Your true self deserves to shine! When you hold back on expressing your true feelings, you miss out on valuable connections and experiences. Channel your inner child again by learning to communicate openly and honestly. Not everyone may like what you have to say, and that’s okay! When you express yourself, you offer your unique perspective to the world and ultimately attract people that genuinely like you.

Kick-off your shoes and go play

Adult responsibilities, like paying the bills or running errands, can make you take life too seriously sometimes. Everyone needs to break out of their shell every once and a while. Dance with friends. Run around in a field. Have a water balloon fight. Have a good laugh. When you approach life with a playful attitude, everyday situations become exciting, entertaining, and fun! 

Even when you deal with difficult situations, like in the workplace or during social interactions, you can use playfulness to resolve the tension. This free-spirited, lighthearted nature gives you a more positive outlook so you can cope with life in positive, healthy ways. 

Research published in Frontiers of Psychology explores how adult playfulness has a whole host of benefits, such as improved work and academic performance and increased creativity and motivation. People who remain playful and young at heart actually live longer! 

Heal the wounded inner child

Much of your personality and habits develop during the early stages of life. As you get older, you may continue to act out patterns learned from childhood without realizing it.

When you find yourself stuck in life, you may need to heal the wounded inner child. Research has revealed, cognitive-behavioural therapists often have patients reconnect to the inner child in order to heal themselves of maladaptive emotional and behavioural patterns formed while growing up. In order to release negative cycles, it requires healing those wounds of the past. 

True adulthood means to nurture and listen to that inner child. It means to listen to the wounds of the past, to respond to those needs, and heal. When you reconnect with your inner child, you become more aware of the motivations behind your behaviours, emotions, and relationships. Through that process of inner awareness,

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself as a small child again. What would you say to that child to comfort them? You can even write a letter to guide your inner child. This practice will help heal from wounds from the past and develop self-compassion. You’ll have an easier time forgiving yourself of mistakes you hold onto when you see yourself as an innocent child.