Isencane Lengane Season 2 Summary – 04 September 2021

This episode of Isencane Lengane aired on 4 September 2021 on Moja Love Channel 157, DSTV. We learn that Thando’s paternal grandmother has recently passed on. She was found by her family in her bathroom having lost her life at around 10 in the morning. Thando’s father was very distraught about the whole situation. Grandmother was adored by everyone in the family. The sad news had to be delivered to Thando by Siyacela her husband. She was very hurt by the news because she had been making plans to go see her grandmother during the holidays.


Thando’s father informed her of all the funeral proceedings and so she attended the funeral in Durban. On the day of the funeral, Thando and Siyacela went to go buy clothes at the nearby shops. This made them very late for the funeral and they had to leave early back to their homestead. Siyacela was not allowed to enter the Thabethe family homestead. As per African tradition, Thando’s father had hoped that Thando would see her grandmother in the coffin but because they arrived late this was not possible.

As the funeral proceeded, Thando’s uncle collapsed. Upon returning to consciousness he was only realizing that his mother is late. Thando expresses that she was very worried about her father and how he was coping with the loss of his mother.

Siyacela was called aside to be reprimanded by the Thabethe family since he was not wearing a jacket as a sign of respect at the funeral. But Siyacela being himself told them that he had paid Lobola to Msomi family and not Thabethe family. When Siyacela met Thando’s grandfather he was not happy with him at all but as the day progressed he was warming up to him.

This episode somehow found its way back to the inhlawulo conversation. We saw Thando’s father reiterating the whole ordeal with him going to Thando’s mother with the message from his family, he also informed them about Siyacela’s responses. Which of course Siyacela was unbothered by the entire thing. The Thabethe family was heard saying they will not oblige and Thando’s mother should be the one buying an OX for all her disrespect.

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