Does a long-distance relationship make the heart grow fonder?

Love relationships have their own set of challenges regardless of their context. This does not mean that your relationship cannot be a success even when you are miles apart from your loved one. In this article, we look at 10 tips to navigate a long-distance relationship.


1. Discuss Commitment

It will be very fruitful to have lengthy discussions about expectations, both from yourself and your partner while in the long distance. Try to avoid assumptions as much as possible rather discuss everything. There are some couples who believe they are at the same place when they are in fact in different positions. This is a result of not discussing their differences.

If you are serious about your commitment to each other and the relationship you need to have a mature discussion about the below:

  • Will you be monogamous when apart as well as together?
  • How will you deal with attractions to others?
  • How will you handle loneliness?
  • What about time alone with co-workers of the opposite sex?

2. Build Trust

Try by all means to silence questions in your mind that will trigger jealousy in you. If you have concerns rather find ways to communicate these to your partner without accusing them of anything.

10 Tips to Navigate a Long-Distance Relationship

3. Pursue common interests

Even if you are not doing them together all of the time. Look for things to do that you can share with each other when you are together and are interested in talking about when you are apart. This tip will help your long-distance relationship.

Learn to play golf, take bridge lessons, begin a running routine and challenge each other with it.

4. Check-in with each other every day

Prioritize catching up with your partner every single day. Set out at least 30 minutes at the end of the day to find out how their day went. As you grow in understanding of your partner or what they are experiencing you may pick up on what makes them really happy and what makes them sad outside of your relationship, which in essence will help you relate better.

5. Long-distance relationships and technology

10 Tips to Navigate a Long-Distance Relationship

Technology has really made some parts of life convenient. It does have its negatives if used recklessly especially social media. However, in a long-distance relationship, things like video calls and skype could help strengthen the relationship. A text message to let your partner you are thinking about them could really go a long way


6. Share loving affirmations every day

Relationship studies have shown that in healthy relationships, there are 5 positives for every negative. Find ways to contribute to the formula.

7. Discuss your future plans together

Talk about goals for yourselves and, if you are married or engaged, for your future as a couple. (Singles should be careful not to push anyone into a commitment.) Plan for when you will be together in the future.

8. Be open and honest about your long-distance relationship

You will definitely be challenged as individuals apart. It is important to discuss the challenges you face without guilt-tripping each other. This kind of discussion should not consume a huge part of your conversations though.

You should not be afraid to voice your concerns and struggles with being apart. Acknowledge what you think and feel. It may be that you two can hear it as another way of saying “I love you” or an invitation to problem-solve about how to make changes.

9. Spend physical time together

It is difficult for a love relationship to survive without connection and intimacy in the physical form. This should be a priority in a long-distance relationship, you have to make time to spend together to create memories for the future especially if you have established your commitment to each other. Plan for vacations, holidays and weekends. Be sure to make that time as positive as possible do not use the time to argue.


10. Do not let your happiness as a person depend on the other

Relationships don’t make people happy. People make themselves happy. Happier people are more fun to be around. Find ways to make yourself happy and mentally healthy and enjoy your life so that you have positive energy to contribute when you connect or are together. Do not wait to be together to enjoy your life.