Isencane Lengane 2 October 2021 Episode

Siyacela is going back home to Ulundi with his brother Mdu. Siya says he is certain no one is going to complain about him going to Durban without Thando.

Siyacela is already behaving like he is a Durbanite. He even mentions that unfortunately for Thando she is still in school so she will not be able to travel with him. Mdu has a feeling that Mr Dlamuka their father will chase them away. Siya says at home the love complaining about everything and everyone.


As Siyacela and his brother enter the main house their father appears from his bedroom in a wheelchair. The first question he asks them is where have they been? Mr Dlamuka becomes direct and asks Siyacela what he thinks his wife Thando was eating while he was away. He reveals that Siyacela left with Thando’s bank card and he had to buy grocery twice for Siyacela’s home.

Siyacela says he does not like it when his father interferes in his affairs with Thando. Given Mr Dlamuka’s staunch Christian beliefs he asks Siyacela if he has been dating another girl in Durban who comes from a family of traditional healers. Siyacela asks him who informed him about that. His father then responds that he knows people everywhere since he has lived longer. Siyacela then throws a bomb by saying he wants i’sthembu (polygamy) like his father. His father disapproves of this, because Siyacela cannot even afford himself yet.

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Mdu’s brother reveals that Siyacela’s girlfriend from Durban is already pregnant. This makes Siyacela unhappy saying Mdu should not be discussing his matters with their father. This also leads to an argument between Siyacela and his father and he ultimately chases them away.

Thando seemed to be very excited to see her husband Siyacela as she hugged him when he arrived. She asks why did he not come back sooner, but Siyacela answers her in a rude manner. She keeps pestering him to give a response and he eventually tells her to mind her own business. Thando then retaliates and tells Siyacela to go back to Durban. He tells her that she won’t tell him what to do. Thando brings up her suspicion about another girl in the picture and that she has seen him on Facebook with a lot of alcohol while he was in Durban.


Thando who is visibly hurt and defeated tells Siyacela that it will end in tears. This then leads to another argument and Siyacela is seen leaving with Thando’s phone. She closes off saying if things continue this way things will end in divorce.