Isencane Lengane Season 2 – 16 October 2021 Episode Summary

Isencane Lengane Season 2 – 16 October 2021 episode kicks off with MaBongi, Thando and Mamncane looking at a photo. MaBongi says her husband loves her. Thando and MaBongi are talking to Mamncane MaShange. There has been a photo circulating on Facebook of MaBongi and another boy. Thando brings it up to MaShange. MaBongi begs her Mamncane and Thando not to tell her father Mr Damuka. However, Thando insists that he must be told because he will bring up just like he brought up Thando and Siyacela’s statement where they were claiming that they would rather live under a bridge.

Mamncane warns MaBongi not to mess around with other boys. Thando says MaBongi has started to be more secretive lately, especially about her relationship with her fiancée Magwaza. MaBongi has also started going on trips with Magwaza. To which Thando objects because she says the Umemulo is around the corner and she must make sure she remains pure.

MaBongi’s Ceremony

Isencane Lengane Season 2 - 16 October 2021

Isencane Lengane Season 2 – 16 October 2021

Isencane Lengane episode progresses and we see MaBongi and the other maidens are dancing in and around the kraal then they move to esigcawini (in the veld outside the yard). As they were dancing she goes straight to her father with her spear as per ritual. Their father asks where is Siyacela. It seemed Siyacela was nowhere to be found. MaBongi says she was hurt that her brothers are not supportive about her decision to marry uMagwaza. We also hear Siyacela that he was never invited to get involved and be part of the lobola negotiations.

We also see Magwaza and MaBongi dancing together and walking back into the yard. Siyacela then goes to kneel before his brother in-law and tells him that he owes him a bottle of expensive alcohol. They have a brief exchange where Magwaza also tells him that he also owes him but Siyacela tells him that he was never invited to the lobola negotiations. Siyacela further asks where Magwaza and MaBongi met because they are from very different villages. Magwaza just smiles and Siyacela cracks a joke ‘complimenting’ him on his complexion.

Marriage and its Up’s and Down’s

The tent is decorated very nicely for MaBongi’s event. Thando says Magwaza will take very good care of MaBongi unlike Siyacela who is not treating her well. Siyacela closes the Isencane Lengane episode by saying he is not going to give anyone marital advice. Everyone should enter and figure marriage out for themselves.


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