Isencane Lengane Season 2 Episode Summary 23 October 2021

In the episode of Isencane Lengane Season 2 that aired on the 23rd of October 2021. In the beginning we see Thando preparing herself to watch Isencane Lengane. Viewers were already cringing on her behalf. Thando says she wants to see all the lies that Siyacela has been portraying.

Thando sees Manto and Siyacela together as a couple. She immediately says she gives up on men and their cheating ways. She continues to say that Siyacela’s girlfriendĀ  is very old and ugly. Mabongi who is Thando’s sister in law sees how Thando is unhappy with what she is seeing on TV.

Thando can no longer take what she sees on TV and stands up and walks out. Thando also tells the viewers that Siyacela must go and sleep at his girlfriends new home. The show continued and Mabongi informed the viewers that the mood changed in the living room because of all the things Siyacela was saying.

Thando also tells the viewers that Siyacela should rather be with Manto, she thought she would hear a different story. Siyacela then asks for Thando’s phone to which Thando straight out refuses.

Mr Dlamuka says the reality of the world is men get bewitched by women and seeing his son like this breaks his heart. Siyacela says no one will tell him to break up with his new girlfriend Manto. We see Thando brokenhearted and Siyacela not even bothered.

Thando decides to go to Nkandla to go and see her mother. Her mother visibly pregnant is happy to see her. Thando pours her heart to her mother that Siyacela has fallen in love with another older woman. Her mother is also shocked and saddened that Siyacela has changed.

Thando tells her mother that she wants to finish her schooling. Her mom said she can come back home at any given time if she cannot take it. Her mom tells her that deep down in her heart she never approved of Siyacela.

Thando tells her mom that Siyacela thinks he is in control of peoples lives. Thando’s mother says Siyacela is very rude and has no regard for his elders including his father. Thando then asks her mother not confront Siyacela because he is very disrespectful. Thando also tells her mom that Siyacela says he has been having financial problems so he came with his girlfriend’s van. Her mom says to Thando that she must just know that men go to women with money these days she should rather fight for her independence.

Thando’s mother then asks if Thando still loves Siyacela. Thando responds and says she no longer loves him and that they have once got into a physical fight. Her mother becomes worried and asks who won the ”fight”?

Her mom also then asks if Thando is ready to be in a polygamous marriage. Thando responds and says she would rather die than enter a polygamous marriage.

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