Isencane Lengane Season 2 Episode Summary – 6 November 2021

This episode of Isencane Lengane Season 2 that aired on the 06th November 2021. Mr Dlamuka says Siyacela is going to make Thando sick.

Siyacela’s new girlfriend Manto says she will be going somewhere with Siyacela but it is a surprise even for her. We then see Siyacela and Manto are at the Riverside Hotel in Durban SA. It seems Siyacela and Manto are playing ‘house’. As Siyacela’s girlfriend, Manto says she likes the fact that her and Siyacela have an understanding.

Siyacela Speaks Marriage

We hear Siyacela saying he would like to make Manto his main wife. Siyacela says he knows that he is not that romantic but all he wants is to win her heart. He also bought her a a necklace and a whole engagement ring. He says he loves her and wanted to surprise her this way. Manto is visibly surprised and she says she can’t believe that someone actually loves her in this way.

Siyacela says he knows that Thando will not like his decision he will go out of his way to convince her. We also get introduced to Nokuthula who is Manto’s mother. They are preparing for a umhlonyana (coming of age/right of passage ceremony). They have bought two goats because this ceremony has been long overdue.

Nokuthula and Manto are having a discussion about her engagement, her mother asks if they have Thando’s blessing. Because if they do not then a lot of bad things can happen to their new union.

Umhlonyana & Umemulo – Right of passage ceremony

The morning of the ceremony has arrived and we see her making her way to the river for a cleansing. Her friends are singing for her and the ritual takes place, her face is covered with a red substance. In the evening they will give her two goats as a sign of good luck for the rest of her life.

Manto and her friends prepare for her umemulo and Siyacela says he would love to be part of the ceremony. Her uncle leads her through the process. Manto waited for Siyacela to arrive but he arrived very late. Siyacela was then charged R1000 for arriving at the family homestead wearing short pants because that is a form of disrespect. But because Siyacela is the way he is, he felt that he should not be charged because he has not even paid lobola to the family. Manto supports this view because she also says she does not understand why they were that harsh because an engagement ring is not ilobolo.


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