Isencane Lengane Season 2 Episode Summary – 31 October 2021


In this Episode of Isencane Lengane Season 2 that aired on the 31st of October. We see Thando’s dad and his family going to the Msomi’s, which is Thando’s maternal family. The reason for this visit is because of Thando’s traditional ceremony of inhlawulo (In Zulu culture, inhlawulo refers to damages paid to the family of a woman who became pregnant out of wedlock by the father of the future child).

Thando’s father and his family arrived with a goat instead of a cow. They also had R5000 which is part of the inhlawulo requirements. The family is very nervous because they do not know what to expect from Thando’s maternal family. As expected, Thando’s uncle asks Thando what these people are doing at their family homestead without a cow.

Thando’s Inhlawulo Discussion

Unfortunately Thando’s uncle says they must go back if they do not have a cow. Thando’s paternal grandfather is hear saying that they are here for inhlawulo and not lobola. Thando’s mother says the Thabethe family members must speak with respect when addressing her family. As the Thabethe family arrives at the gate they are welcomed by a young boy who facilitates the communication. Which makes Thando’s dad a bit agitated. The boy asks where is the cow, because his family asked for a cow, goat and R5000.

They are eventually allowed into the homestead. Thando’s paternal grandfather requests that the family accepts the R5000 for now they will come back with the cow. Thando’s paternal family the Thabethe’s are a bit agitated because of how they are treated with regards to this ceremony, because they are adamant that they are not here to pay lobola, which has its own protocols. The Thabethe family feel like they were robbed because every little thing required money during the discussions.

As the discussions continue they return back to of the cow and when they plan to bring it as a sign of respect to their family. The Thabethe family responds by saying that their son does not work at the moment so he cannot afford it. Thando’s maternal family says that is actually none of their business and they are not actually bothered.

Thando’s mother expressed disappointment that she called her brother all the way just for them to leave R5000 and now cow as per the agreement.

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